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V/A Laptop Battle

Daly City Records + Fourthcity 2008
MP3 $9.99

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preshish moments - lets be friends
charliehuge f joey mousepad - monkeyballs
tha fruitbat f dubtek-= modern dynamics
redivider - skerider
xlk - reflection
nosaj thing - heart entire
whormongor - sleepy eyes master
ben sandival - sometimes it hurts
build 128 - painkillers
kevin adams - chimera
arcom - braiin
mattybojangles - ph1
laskfar vortok - mass media holocaust
whitecupcake f gert3k by starpause
a rival - a rival
wyatt gurp - dethklown
nezzy idy- brain boy (knowone mix)
blipvert - tao to a feel
d-rex - radio winter - prepares for battle
cypod - sansoorendered
darkat - speaktheslang battle edit
deep cuts - pornography
puzzle - this really wasnt a laptop battle it was a bunch of dudes playing world of warcraft..
ed colmar 0 powerdelay
evan morris - jack parsons mind
brainscratch 0 krunk
dimentia - death confession
mrcluck - imurfriend
harbour - troubles, worries, smiles


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