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B-Girl Love or Fate
B-Girl Media 2008
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Livin It ft. Khanfidenz and Toni Hill
No More Beef featuring Inkubiz
Identity Theft ft. Phreewil and DJ WD4D
Need the Game ft. Jerm and Cyreeta
On the Rise ft. Julie C. and Cyreeta
People ft. Sage Nomad
Life ft. Piece, Toni Hill and Forrest
Stay Alive ft. Sista Hailstorm
The Arena ft. Inkubiz
Murder She Wrote ft. Sista Hailstorm and Julie C.
Two-Oh-Six ft. Asun
Get Low ft. Asun and Julie C.
Free Yoself Dub ft. Inkubiz and George

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"Debut release by DJ B-Girl aka Mia Beardsley and featuring an inpenetrable death squad of Seattle's dopest MCs. Mia is like the renaissance queen of Seattle Hiphop, holding down everything from breakdancing to the music distribution business, you can't walk 2 miles in Seatown without bumping into someone directly blessed by the B-Girl steez. Her music and her positive vibe are the twin jewels in this goddesses crown though; this album has been a long time coming and is wholeheartedly worth the wait. "

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