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We stock our favorite releases from the nicest record labels, fresh gear from talented designers, & other items we're feeling. We are not trying to be a comprehensive resource for all your needs; we're a specialty shop. If you think we should carry your stuff, please send us a sample.

Brushed Golden et al is a Fourthcity project.
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Digital goods:
As soon as you pay for your goods you'll get an email in your inbox with a link that will immediately start your music downloading. All our mp3s are high-quality (320kbps) files with no DRM (regular mp3s that you can share/burn/whatever).

The reason we do not sell any individual songs is because we want to make a statement unequivocally supporting the album format, which we think is better for real artists.

Physical goods:
We'll ship your goods asap.

Wholesale goods:
You can only get wholesale prices if you have a store, website, or other kind of retail premises. If you have a store & didn't get a passcode from us in the mail, please fill in your info here & we'll get you one.

We won't sell or give away any of your info. We love you and we hate spam, so we'll make sure that none of the info you give us gets used for anything other than what you intended it to get used for. If you sign up for our mailing list, we'll email you no more than once a month.

Payments & security:
We don't take your credit card number on our site. We tally everything up for you & then send you over to Paypal when you want to pay. After you finish the transaction over there, Paypal will send you back here with an extra variable or two that tells us what you got so we can give it to you.

Client-side technologies:
If you don't have Flash installed, you won't be able to see some of the beautiful content or preview any songs. If you don't have Javascript enabled, certain things won't work, & if you don't accept cookies, you won't be able to choose a shipping location or payment currency, but that won't really matter anyway cuz you also won't be able to add anything to your crate.

Promo requests:
Please do not contact us for promotional copies of anything we carry. Please contact the corresponding label or artist instead. Links to labels' websites can be found on the LINKS page.

Even though we intend to do everything right, we cannot be liable for anything that goes wrong. Full legalese coming soon.

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